Mini-PCs are even more compact and powerful

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To date, the market presents a huge number of solutions designed for a variety of purposes. However, the process of miniaturization continues. In the future, mini-PCs will not be the same as ours today. They will be the size of a credit card, and they can be connected to any subject. In this article, we […]

8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

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Email marketing is still an effective tool for selling and promoting products. However, promoting products and services through mail is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, the strategies used need to be continually improved and refined. But some of them must be refused at all. We offer you a selection of ideas that can improve […]

IBM Forms Strategic new Partnership for Domino

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IBM wants to continue long-term investments in the collaboration space. This is why it’s investing even more money into Lotus Notes in 2018, as well as years to come. Currently they’re trying to show their stakeholders just how committed they are to this by entering into a strategic partnership with the Indian tech company, HCL […]

Top SEO Trends for 2018

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The new 2018 is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to learn about the main SEO-trends that he is preparing to meet him fully armed. 1. Voice Search According to Google statistics, today every fifth search query is a voice search. At the same time, the popularity of digital assistants continues to gain momentum. Such […]

Researchers Get One Step Closer to Building a Global Quantum Internet

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Austrian researchers managed to create a working prototype of a quantum router. This device has become the first one that is able not only to accept intricate photons, but also to transmit them. Scientists from the University of Vienna announced the creation of a prototype quantum router. This is the first device of this type […]

How to check the speed of the site load and make it faster

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According to Akamai Technologies, 53% of visitors close the site if it is loaded for more than 3 seconds. The delay of only 2 seconds reduces the conversion of the page by 37%. And how much does your site load? Slow loading is the first thing that forces potential customers to go to competitors. Even […]

Cloud Email Still Has Its Doubts

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Cloud email has been a constant debate among IT pros. Not only them but businesses and customers who would use such a venue. It all depends on what you’re looking to do with cloud email and whether their industry can benefit from it and can the customer also. Cloud email is slowly becoming the norm […]

The “Woebot” App Is Your Virtual Friend And Therapist?

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Some may have noticed – especially those familiar with mental health treatment – that (licensed, professional) therapists have begun not only marketing themselves online, but also now providing ‘cyber counseling sessions’ as well. In light of this, as well as the growing popularity of mobile apps, a new App has been designed called “Woebot” which […]

Microsoft Office 365 Is Essential

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Oh sure, everyone likes to rag on Microsoft and its products. You can’t appeal to everyone so it permeates the social landscape that Microsoft products just don’t cut the mustard. Well, truth be told, in today’s business world you’ll need a product like Microsoft Office 365 for email support at the least. Handling emails and […]

Why Letting Your Phone Get Hot Is Dangerous

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Given the recent drama surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s catching fire, and other reported incidents of Samsung phones overheating, consumers are asking: “Why?” The public along with experts are learning, however, as research is widened, that leaving your phone in the car or exposing it to temperatures of 95 Fahrenheit or higher can cause severe […]