IT Computer Support Tampa

IB Systems the Information Technology consulting firm has been providing IT, Network and Computer support services to Tampa Bay’s local small businesses since 1994: during that time they have built up a great reputation and a lot of experience, skills and great people. IB Systems is able to offer affordable IT support plans for both small and large businesses and across a wide range of platforms, frameworks and systems; please submit a request for a quote to get an estimation for IT related services for your business, either on a one off or contract basis.

IB Systems, a Microsoft™ and an IBM™ business partner, specializes in comprehensive, highly scalable business IT infrastructure solutions of all types; we often help small businesses when they are in an early stage of growth and build and provide computer support for a system they may well use for years to come as they grow. Our Information Technology and computer support services includes 24 hour a day 7 day a week support with guaranteed on-site response times and certified technicians trained in the systems and platforms you work with and chosen based on your problem at the time, even with a full time IT support technician you can‘t have computer support for every part of your IT infrastructure.

Since we were founded in 1995 IB Systems has worked with almost every type of computer system and we can help you with even the most seemingly antiquated systems, which we understand are often the best for your needs still or that a change would cause too much business disruption; whatever your problem our aim is to provide computer support that minimizes the business disruption caused.

So if you are looking for the following please contact us at IB systems for a quote:

Network Server Computer Support (IBM™, Microsoft™)

Including Maintenance, Diagnostics, Data Recovery, Data Security, System Upgrades and Hardware Repair.

Guaranteed Emergency On-Site Response Times

IB Systems guarantees to be on-site in 4 hours or less in the event of an emergency and that is 24 hours a day and every day of the week.

Desktop & Laptop Repair & Maintenance

Comprehensive hardware maintenance, repair, updates and integration for peripheral devices to keep you up to date.

Comprehensive System Upgrades & Integration

We can offer you computer support on all common business servers and the systems they are part of and most commonly provide support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 installation and upgrades, Windows Small Business Server installation and IBM Lotus Foundations server (IBM’s alternative to Microsoft Win SBS) installation and support.

Custom Network Solutions (IBM™ Microsoft™)

Consulting, Specification, Acquisition, Installation, Support and Data Migration to minimize the disruption caused through system migration and ensure you have the best system for your needs.

Network Server Consulting & Upgrades

System Performance Analysis & Testing and Hardware and software upgrades.

Network Security Solutions & Consulting

Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Internet Browsing Filtering and Monitoring and E-Mail Filtering tailored to your business.

PC, Laptop & Peripheral Acquisition

Specification, Installation, Support & Data Migration provided at the best value.

E-mail Installation, Migration & Support

Including Microsoft Exchange™, Lotus Notes Domino™ Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Live Communication Server, IBM Lotus Notes, and Domino servers installation and support, cloud computing, MS and IBM cloud (LotusLive cloud) email solutions.

Lotus Notes Support & Development

IB Systems is proud to have been an IBM Business partner since 1996 and our expertise allow us to offer a range of computer support services for IBM and Lotus existing users and those new to IBM and Lotus products. IB Systems specializes in the following, though ask us about any IBM, Lotus and Domino requirements you may have:

  • Custom Lotus Notes support including maintenance and upgrading your existing applications.
  • Custom Lotus Notes Support & development including Lotus Domino web applications design utilizing Domino XPages and development to your requirements.
  • Lotus Notes support, Installation and maintenance for your Lotus Notes email, Lotus Notes SameTime and Lotus QuickTime products.
  • Installation and support of the Lotus Notes and Domino server.
  • Installation and Support of the Lotus  Traveler.

IB Systems has been successfully providing consulting services in the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino technology since 1994, with extensive experience working with all versions of Lotus Notes and Domino meaning we can still work comfortably with older versions as well as the latest.

IB Systems is based out of Tampa Florida and has the capacity and skills to provide high quality support, maintenance and administration services across the United States. Over the years we have had the privilege of developing various applications, providing Lotus Notes support and maintaining and supporting Notes databases for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential Financials, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Deloitte & Touche, and CFI just to name a few: as you would imagine the size of the databases alone and the infrastructure required have given us the experience to deal with any Lotus Notes development project.

IB Systems is in fact Florida’s sole IBM™ Lotus Foundations business partner and we can offer IBM’s new small business combination server, software, and network security turnkey solution; we will also know what upcoming IBM™ products will be released in advance and IBM™ small business financing is also available through us.

IB Systems provides installation, support and maintenance of the powerful Lotus Foundations server; IBM Lotus® Foundations Start is a complete infrastructure and collaboration solution for businesses with 5-500 employees with limited or no in-house IT resources. Complete with all the essential software needed to power a small business, Lotus Foundations Start also enables you to run a variety of business applications. A departure from traditional small business solutions, Lotus Foundations is designed to simplify the IT experience: it can be launched in under 30 minutes and leverages self-managing and self-healing capabilities that minimize the need for human intervention, freeing you up to focus on running your business and if anything does go wrong our Lotus Notes support service means we can be here for you.

Web Design, SEO & Web Marketing

Throughout the past 9 years IB Systems has been helping local companies in the Tampa Bay area to expand their web presence providing them with web design and web redesign as well as making sure their sites are visible to the right people through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Marketing. Review affordable SEO packages which starts at $170 a month.

IB Systems specializes in custom WordPress and social network website design but this doesn’t mean that they only work on the biggest web design projects: customization includes unique mini sites, and plug-ins including add-ons for WordPress. Tampa businesses though do often need a totally unique website with a particular use and application in mind and these can be both internal intranet sites and customer facing websites.
Every website is 100% custom developed for the client based on their needs, of course existing open source software like WordPress and Magento will be used if suitable to keep costs down but this is often the base for unique design work done by IB Systems. The web developers at IB Systems can use Flash, DHTML, Ajax, XML, JavaScript, PHP, to name a few technologies to design any kind of website for customers who can rest assured that IB Systems will sell them what they need rather than what IB Systems want to sell.

The range of skills IB Systems’ developers have mean websites we develop for clients range from simple static HTML sites to multi-layered and complex CMS (Content Management System) driven web-portals and e-commerce online shops that may integrate with the stock control and order processing systems we can also provide: there is in fact no functionality we can’t implement for you.

If you are looking for a website made using a certain framework talk to us as we have experience with some of the most niche frameworks around though we specialize in open source CMS frame works (including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress), Social network frameworks (such as Elgs), E-Commerce frameworks (Ubercart, Magento), PHP & MySQL, Adobe Flash, IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, MS .NET, Java and J2EE: many of these allow us to build you web applications for internal use or to integrate with your current internal systems as well as creating customer facing websites and system interfaces.

As you may have noticed several of the frameworks we work with are open source such as WordPress; Tampa businesses of all size can afford a unique website from IB Systems, we will tailor website design based on your budget and your needs and won‘t try to reinvent the wheel for the sake of adding a naught or two on to your invoice.

IB Systems complements its website design with its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Marketing services, first though a website must be designed to be SEO friendly and we make sure every site we build is fully visible by search engines and easy to add keywords and data such as titles and descriptions to that help with rankings on search engine results as well.

The SEO is a fantastically affordable way to market your business to the right people, once you have a website that you will be proud for them to see. The local SEO Tampa based company, an affordable alternative to global franchises   can ensure that you maximize the number of relevant visitors getting to your website, by making sure that the right keywords appear on your website in the right places where Google can see them, and also making sure that you have links from other relevant websites that Google and other search engines give value to.

The SEO process may take up to 12 months due to the time taken to optimize the campaign to make sure the best and most profitable keywords and phrases are focused on. Monthly fees starts at $150 a month but depend on which and how many keywords and key phrases you want to appear for and how much competition there is for them.

Visit Affordable SEO Tampa Company ( or call us at 727-938-8891 to get a quote or a free consultation. Don’t wait and submit your keywords for the free SEO ranking Report to find out what your rank is and how this is affecting the success of your website.