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IB Systems, Inc. was founded in 1995 by experienced systems consultants order to respond to the ever-changing needs in Internet and Intranet environments. As a team, we approach all projects with an earnest determination to provide excellence from beginning to end. Accredited experts in systems integration and business solutions, we take pride in our performance and ability to radically improve our clients business workflow.

Our values

We value each client and always try to deliver top services able to maintain them at the top as well. Being aware that the online world is in a constant change, we’re like to be up to date with the latest trends, whether it’s about design, Google algorithms or the latest technologies. And this is just a part of the things that leave all our clients happy!

Why choose us?

Ever since 1995, when IB Systems was founded, we managed to work with almost every type of computer system, offering IT computer support, as well as several other services, including Lotus Notes support and development, web design, SEO, and web marketing.

Our services are focused - but not limited - to the Tampa Bay area and we are proud to call ourselves a company that will keep your growing business growing.

Our clients

Over the years, we had the chance to work with several companies, based in the Tampa Bay area, as well as in many other regions.

Whether we worked with names like IBM, Accenture, or Deloitte, as well as smaller companies, our main purpose was to deliver top quality services, always on time, thus attracting positive feedback from our clients.


We are well aware of the importance of online reviews, as we’re offering reputation management as a service. And we’re also doing it for us, asking each and every client to provide feedback after our work is done!

Their thoughts prove that our work was highly appreciated and act as solid recommendations for future deals.


WordPress Website Design

For almost 10 years, IB Systems had one important mission: helping companies based in the Tampa Bay Florida area expanding their online presence, through the development and redesigning of websites.

Our team is specialized in creating custom website design on various platforms, including WordPress, the world’s leading CMS.

No matter your budget or the size of your company, IB Systems is able to deliver WordPress websites suitable for each client’s needs.

Online marketing & SEO

Nowadays, it’s very difficult for a business to succeed without a solid online presence. Online marketing and SEO is the sum of all efforts towards understanding how a search engine works and optimizing a website in order to rank as high as possible.

IB Systems will make sure that your website is well optimized and appears first in search results, whenever somebody looks for your targeted keywords!

Social media marketing

A business needs to be present where people are and nowadays, that place is social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other network, you need a strong presence and to constantly stay in touch with your clients

We’re providing full social media marketing services, on your platform(s) of choice, making sure that all users who are following you know exactly what you have been up to

Online Reputation Management

We’ve reached a point at which people don’t buy a product or service without looking for online reviews before anything else. Therefore, any business needs to make sure that its online reputation remains flawless all the time.

Our company provides complete online reputation management services, making sure that your business’ image reflects only one thing: customer satisfaction.

IBM Lotus & Domino

Since 1996, IB Systems has been an IBM Business Partner, providing custom Lotus Notes and Domino web applications development, as well as Lotus Notes and Domino administration. Also, we recently become an authorized IBM Lotus Foundations Partner.

Whether you need custom apps for your business, administration or support for Lotus Notes and Domino, we’re here to help you!


Looking forward to cutting down costs? IB Systems is offering outsourcing services and, thanks to our team of IT specialists based all over the world we can cover IT infrastructure, application development and overall project development.

By using external contractors for non-core functions, your company can save time, money, as well as a lot of effort of strength, not to mention that the business will become more competitive.

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IB Systems
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Dave Maden
Dave Maden
03:55 22 Mar 19
Thank you IB Systems for assistance on a data migration project. Your knowledge of Lotus Notes, APIs and data management have helped us to complete our project on time. Highly recommend this company.
Liliana Palacios
Liliana Palacios
16:32 11 Aug 17
We use to work with a previous company, that had no comparison with IB. The costumer service is personalized, the work is well done and on time, and the owner is simply charming.... I highly recommend to work with IB if you want a professional job.
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Great Company!. Just one call and a 15 minute conversation with a tech support got me enough information on how to deal with our client Exchange server problem. Thank you, IB Systems!


Laura S (Suncoast Sales LLC)

IB Systems has done work for my previous employer as well as my new employer who started up in Nov 2006. Igor has done EXCELLENT things for us. IB Systems team is always there when we need them and quick to help resolve any computer issues we have. Igor is very courteous to our staff, our time, needs, and finances. THANK YOU IGOR and IB SYSTEMS!

Laura S

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