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IBM Lotus Domino will have an installed base of 192 million mailboxes this year.

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I really hope that 192 million is a good number and does not include 100 million seats from IBM and IBM partners.

Good job IBM on increasing the market share (hopefully). I think that IBM still needs to do a lot more on making Lotus Notes as popular as the other email brand names on the market. Wondering if there is anything going on with the making the Notes express mail initiative. That would be so cool if the Notes Express client existed and was available for a free download. The potential Notes/Domino customers need to be educated when they are in the junior school not when they become CIOs and CEOs and have already made up their mind in regards to what email system to use.

By Market Watch: The Radicati Group Releases “IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Market Analysis, 2010-2014
A New Study From the Radicati Group, Inc. Provides Extensive Installed Base Breakouts by Version, Region and Business Size for IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Lotus Notes, and IBM LotusLive.
According to the report, IBM Lotus Domino will have an installed base of 192 million on-premise and hosted mailboxes by year-end 2010, and is expected to grow to a total of 266 million mailboxes by 2014. This represents an average annual growth rate of 8%.

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Cool move by IBM to the i-World direction

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IBM releasing Lotus Notes Traveler for iPad is a very cool step towards bringing so much missing IBM Notes technology on the Apple platform.
Hopefully more news like that will be coming soon.

From ReadWrite Enterprise.

Lotus Notes logoIBM released this week the iPad version of Lotus Notes Traveler, featuring two-way encrypted synchronization of e-mail, calendar and contacts with IBM Lotus Domino servers. The app also features per-message e-mail encryption.

IBM is betting on wide enterprise adoption of the iPad. The company’s press release quotes John Roling, IT director at IBM client and business partner Czarnowski, saying he can see the iPad taking the place of the laptop for executives.

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