IBM Lotus & Domino

IB Systems is an IBM Business partner since 1996 provides following services:

  • Custom Lotus Notes and Domino web applications development
  • Lotus Notes support and Domino administration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Lotus Domino web applications and xpages
  • Installation, support, upgrade, migration and maintenance for Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes email server
  • Migration to LotusLive cloud from Lotus Notes or from MS Exchange environment
  • Installation and support of Lotus Traveler and BES
Lotus Notes support and maintenance

IB Systems has been successfully providing consulting services in the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino technology since 1994, with extensive work experience in all versions of Lotus Notes and Domino. The company is based out of Tampa Florida and has capabilities to provide high quality support, maintenance and administration services across the United States.

Over the years we have had the privilege of developing various applications, supporting, and maintaining Notes databases for Price waterhouse CoopersPrudential FinancialsNovartis Pharmaceuticals, and CFI just to name a few.

One of our articles “Creating Dynamic Categorized Views” was originally published on, it was eventually published on the IBM website.

IB Systems has recently become an authorized IBM Lotus Foundations Partner.

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Past Projects that have been developed by IB Systems:

  • Design and development of the Revenue Planning Notes based application to streamline and to make the annual budget planning/development process more efficient. It took 400+ hours of development time to design and to develop the application in 2008. The application is being modified to accommodate additional functionality. The Application has been used by 800+ users in the US.
  • Design and development of the Sales Tracking system. The system has been developed for a Sales and Marketing group to better track their activities and provide various reporting capabilities to the management. The System has been implemented for 2,000 + remote users and utilizes native Lotus Notes and Domino workflow features and is email enabled. It also uses Excel classes to produce special reports.
  • Design and development of the Office Checklist Tracking System. The goal of the application is to automate process of collecting and tracking compliance checklists that ensure offices are in compliance with regulatory guidelines. The system stores information on over 1,000 offices across the US and is targeting a large population of users (around 3,000).
  • Design and development of the Skill Inventory application. The purpose of this application is to provide a self-assessment tool to assist associates in identifying their most important knowledge and skill gaps, which can be used in establishing a personal development plan. Over 1,000 users in 21 regions across the U.S. uses the system. The databases selectively replicates to 21 region servers to accomplish the specific security requirements. The Lotus Notes application is communicating with SQL server databases to exchange the data with the corporate databases.
  • Responsible for the design and development of the Informational Expert System for the company. The system was used as a customer service tool to provide current, concise, consistent information to the company clients. Content includes the ACPE programs, publications, and service information as well as a knowledge base of information on medical management topics. Designed initially for internal staff use with members who contact the College by phone, selective content will be distributed eventually for direct member use. The application consists of five main databases and a data dictionary database that is used for customization multiple keyword list fields. The application search engine will be written utilizing LotusScript.