CRM Solutions for Small Business

CRM Solutions for Small BusinessWhy CRM?
Using the right CRM software can have a big impact on small businesses. Just see this to realize how big? In 2015 there was a survey conducted which concluded that their CRM was responsible for improving both customer retention and satisfaction by 47%. Providing the right customer experience is the difference. This gives you an idea about how big a difference it can be.

Tracking the interactions
The CRM (Customer Resource Management) solution by IB SYSTEMS USA provides CRM setup for small businesses especially operating in the Tampa, FL area. This software allows them to organize and track the interaction with existing and potential clients. This software allows the clients to log in and manage their interaction. They can also capture and store the lead data, generate sales reports, and do the segmentation of the target audience.

Lead Management
It is possible to feed the leads received from the user’s website such as a feedback form and orders directly to the CRM. Users can also develop message templates, send group or independent emails to the contacts or leads. They can also capture notes about client interactions, assign tasks, and schedule meetings. The clients may also create personalized invoices for their clients by just entering the client info. Just send it to the client’s email id later.

Sales Funnel
The Sales funnel functionality offered by IB SYSTEMS USA provides an overview of the sales transactions in progress and the various stages involved in the transaction. By having a sales dashboard, the sales agents can quickly see the number of deals they have captured, the number of clients that have not been invoiced yet, and his rating in comparison with other agents.

Next-Gen Experience
The IB SYSTEMS USA CRM delivers a next-generation experience for small businesses especially in the Tampa Bay, FL area and Florida State as well. The company uses a customizable and cloud-based platform for helping various teams to unlock productivity and develop their sales without too many efforts. You can just see what and when you need it. You can use the flow-based feed detailing prioritized and personalized tasks and other key details without having to leave the page.

Picture Credit: Pixabay