Software Development

Software Development

IB Systems USA has a team of software developers available for outsourcing your off-site short and long term projects.  Our team members have 20+ years of experience in software development.

Recent Projects

.NET Restful Web services development and maintenance for complex mobile application.

Industry: automotive (2017-2019). Used technologies and libraries: .Net, MS SQL, Dapper, Nancy FX, GitHub, AWS.

Large business continuity manager development and support since 2008 to 2016 (Asp.Net Web Forms, Telerik, MS SQL). Industry: Business continuity management.

Web applications using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and Dojo. Industry: Agriculture.

WPF Windows application to render US stocks charts. Industry: Finance.
Various applications to get data from HTML sites and analyze them.
Web bots, spiders, complex data parsers to parse JSON, XML.
Data import and data export projects, various data format converting tasks.


Programming Languages

C#, VB.NET, JavaScript (ES5, ES6), Typescript, VBScript

Operating Systems

Windows, macOs.

Front End

XHTML, HTML 4, 5; CSS 2, 3, Material Design, Materialize,

Angular versions from 2+

Databases (SQL and no-SQL)

Microsoft SQL server (versions from 2000 to 2016), MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB.

Frameworks and Platforms

Various versions of NET Framework, ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, ADO.NET,  Angular, Node.js.

Unit and integration testing

nUnit, Jenkins, Mocha, Postman, Selenium

Third Party Libraries

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX to create user interface, Syncfusion (XLSIO, DOCIO) to generate complex Excel reports, Microsoft OpenXML SDK 2.5, Nancy FX for WEB API development, Dapper to work with database, Amazon AWS SDK, Dojo, ArcGIS.

HTMLAgilityPack (HTML parsing, data scraping), jQuery, various. NET libraries to parse and generate XML, JSON.

Cloud Solutions

Amazon AWS (NET applications deployment to Elastic Beanstalk, Load Balancer, SMTP server set up and using, MS SQL database set up and management, SNS push notifications set up, S3 data storage using, dedicated servers using). 
Some knowledge of Azure and Google Cloud.

Version Control

GitHub, BitBucket, Vault, TFS.