Backup and recovery

Your business information is your most important asset. Making backup copies of your information is essential to ensure that your business will be able to recover from an unforeseen loss of critical data, whether that loss has resulted from an employee accidentally deleting a critical file, important documents becoming corrupted, or a crisis situation that has resulted in erased or destroyed information.

Safeguard Your Business Information

Lotus Foundations includes a low-touch backup facility that enables you to confidently make backup copies of your information:

  • No fuss, no worries – anyone can manage backups
  • Continuous, automated, unattended
  • Frequent incremental backups can be scheduled as often as every 15 minutes
  • Backups can be prioritized, ensuring focus on your most important information
  • No tapes, no wires, no cables
  • No maintenance, cleaning, or administration

Eliminating the perils of tape backup, Lotus Foundations’ backup technology uses industry-standard hard disk drives for backup media. The speed and capacity of the media is the same as a hard disk drive, which enables automatic performance of continuous, unadministered incremental data backups, as often as every 15 minutes, helping to minimize the potential for a company to lose data.