Did you know that when you connect to the Internet, your business runs the risk of being targeted by malicious attacks from hackers, viruses, and spam? Computer security breaches are not uncommon, and can lead to the loss of information, time, money, and sometimes even a business itself.
IBM® Lotus® Foundations includes security services designed to protect your important information so that you can stay focused on business with minimal disruption:

  • Preemptive Protection: Help stop threats from reaching your network
  • Reduced Maintenance: Updates are automatic, so there is no need for continual system maintenance
  • Stay Connected: Rapidly link offices and mobile workers, through security-rich mobile access
  • Reduce Interruptions: Help workers work more productively
  • Cost Savings: Conserve network resources to help reduce cost

Hands-Off Protection Lotus Foundations has a built-in firewall that is completely automatic – so your whole network is protected, without having to worry about configuring any special options.

Pre-Emptive Defense*
Lotus Foundations includes robust anti-virus and anti-spam protection, helping safeguard both your business network and email from malicious threats that could seriously harm your network. The solutions reside on the server, not on users’ personal computers. As a result, threats can be stopped before ever reaching individual users on the network.

Stay Connected
Lotus Foundations includes VPN technology that enables you to connect your central office to one or more branch offices, and to work remotely by connecting a personal computer to the VPN. This security-enhanced remote access to your business’ network allows you to work where and when you want, while helping to prevent unauthorized users from getting into your network.

*Lotus Foundations Branch Office does not include anti-virus and anti-spam.