Free Express Lotus Notes client to the public before Notes is a history

I have been already bringing this up at least once. I am sure I am not the only one who see that  MS Outlook email client is a very dominant within the school and consumer sector. Why not Lotus Notes mail? Good question. Will it ever change? Good question too. If it’s not going to change soon then the end of the Notes as a mail client will be inevitable .

In order to make Lotus Notes popular elementary school students need to get familiar with Lotus Notes mail. The sooner the students get their hands on Lotus Notes client the more popular the Notes platform will become. I am not sure who should make such a decision to make, but adding the Express Notes email client to the free edition of Symphony would mean a lot and will also  open a road to masses for the Lotus Notes technology. Eventually the elementary school students will grow up, go to the colleges, become CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, small business owners and they will carry over their passion to Lotus Notes to their place of business.

IBM is loosing the Notes mail market share to Outlook express mail and other web based mail including Gmail big time among the school students and consumer market. More companies are moving away from Notes mail in favor of their compatibles. Does it tell anything to the Notes marketing team? Does IBM is planning to do anything in regards to the declining popularity of Notes?

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