IBM® Lotus® Symphony 3.0 has been released

New version of the Lotus Symphony has been released a few days ago. It’s free for evaluation and it’s free for using.

Download it from IBM today.

Below is a list of new features based on :

  • VBA scripts support
  • ODF 1.2 standard support
  • Office 2007 OLE support
  • Brand new sidebars containing enriched property sections and panels across different editors, with support of sidebar panel management to show or hide sidebar panels
  • Ability to customize toolbar content and layout
  • Ability to create new business cards and labels
  • Ability to insert OLE, audio and video files
  • Master document support
  • Support of Live Text
  • Enabled file encryption and password protection with Microsoft Word and Excel files
  • Support for “Open in new window”. Users can use Command+~ on Mac OS and Alt + Tab on XP/Vista to switch windows
  • New clip art gallery
  • More template files
  • Support of VML images in OOXML files
  • Support of more parameters for protecting spreadsheet files and sheets in VBA API
  • Support of separate downloads of spell check dictionary addons for 22 languages for Windows OS users
  • Support of same build re-installation in silent mode on Windows
  • Support of online check of new product updates




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