Ray Ozzie talks about Lotus Notes in 2004

With Ozzie leaving Microsoft the obvious question is “what will be his new venture?”  Is there any chance IBM may get him intrested in taking Notes from the huge down fall. Wondering whether IBM is even considering it. Perhaps the creator of Lotus Notes is the only one person who can revive Lotus Notes technology.  I read the “Q&A: Light the birthday candles for Lotus Notes” article published in 2004 by [NetworkWorld] and highly recommend if you still believe in the Notes come back. Based on that article the first Lotus Notes customer was PWC : “At the time Notes was launched, Dec. 7, 1989, we had one customer — Sheldon Laube from PriceWaterhouse — who shared our vision. He understood enough about it and he’s a great communicator, much better than we were about the value of Notes at the time.”

Will PwC be dumping Notes for MS Outlook? I hope not.

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