Supporting Obama’s Campaign Against Outsourcing

I am moved by the article in [InformationWeek]. For once I am actually supporting  the White House in regards to the outsourcing policy. That’s the title of the article “Global CIO: President Obama’s Dangerous Campaign Against Outsourcing” and then subtitle “For every U.S. job outsourcing displaces, it creates two new ones—so why is the White House so intent on demonizing outsourcing?”

On my opinion that is very difficult to comprehend and I would really need more explanation on behalf of the author of that article to understand that fussy math.

Please explain what happens when a middle-aged Computer Engineer that used to make 75K a year loses a job that got outsourced to other country? How will it create 2 jobs that pay at $75K or at least $35K each here in the US? And also explain how the fired Engineer will find the same type of work with the same compensation level if all the companies already fired their engineers due to the outsourcing benefits and there is a lot of engineers are looking for a job?


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I though about that for a while. The only solution is  to get 2 or may be 3 jobs that will pay probably much less than 75K to support the family which perhaps will lead to working 6o to 80 hours a week for $20 an hour.

Is it how the outsourcing helps to the US economy?





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