What needs to be done to move Outlook users to Lotus Notes

I am not surprised to see multiple news articles all over internet on the topic of many companies and enterprises moving from IBM Lotus Notes mail to either MS Exchange /MS Cloud computing or moving to Gmail cloud.

We all know that Microsoft is alway doing a great job in marketing its product and what I don’t know why IBM can’t learn from that.

I’m not really tired of listening to MS  commercials on some of the Broadcast  TV channels. I have got to admit it’s a bit annoying to hear over and over again the same stuff about how good the MS Cloud is. But what is more annoying is not seeing a single commercial about either Lotus Notes or Lotuslive.com cloud.   Is it ever going to change?

What brought me to that point is a very conservative press release published a few days ago in regards to European company that provides the Outlook to Notes conversion software.  Read more about it …

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