Why businesses should embrace social network web design

Social Network Website DesignSocial network web design:  for many web marketers this is two separate areas; many businesses even silo their expertise in social media and web design separately and don’t actively encourage communication between the two. This approach is wasteful though and increasingly the websites with the best ROI and the lowest CPA are those that use different types of social media in their sites.

Using social media on websites is something that a lot of businesses are afraid of, they only use Social Media at all often as they feel they have to and because some customers seem to insist on communicating that way. For many businesses then the last thing they want is to encourage other customers to interact through social media and having the tools right there on their website is just going to encourage them.

This fear comes down to the fact that a lot of businesses worry about what customers might say about them and discuss with them and this is missing the point. The value that having positive comments and positive discussion about your brand right there on your website for everyone to see is lost on many and even with a negative comment dealing efficiently with that comment can actually be a positive.

There is often a problem for purely online businesses with offering customer service but Social Media such as Twitter is now giving those willing to embrace Social Media, and especially those with Social  Network Web Design,  a chance to actually do a better job than they could offline. For a start replies to enquiries through Twitter, Facebook and others are there for everyone to see, those who don’t want to go to the effort of using customer services, even with an enquiry that could lead to new business, can still often get the answers they are looking for.

By having a Social Network Web Design, businesses can have integration with social media sites so that enquiries and replies are there on the website for everyone to see including those who aren’t au fait with Social Media or who are comparing sites and products and trying to take everything in quickly, reading through social media may be enough to sway them.

There are also market research advantages to using Social Network Web Design, once someone on your site logs in to comment or to interact you know who they are and can find out a lot more about them. This gives you a much better idea of who your customers are so you can tailor to them. By linking people’s Social Media accounts with user accounts on your website you can also target market them a lot more efficiently. You can if you have a Social Network Web Design site for example segment your e-mail campaign based on where people are from, what age they are and many other demographics that you can get from social media. If you are selling high ticket items or B2B services it may also of course be well worth the effort of individually researching, understanding and targeting existing or potential customers who have used your site.

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