In the ‘Cloud’ of Office Products

In the 'Cloud' of Office ProductsUsers may decide to use Office Products based around SkyDrive and other Cloud services, as they have in the past with Office 365, for a multitude of reasons.

As Microsoft continues to develop new Operating Systems, it continues to advance it’s technology, interface, and convenience of various tools and programs such as Office Suite, system compatibility, SkyDrive, and other Cloud Services included, or provided for free with each of it’s monthly or one-time price plans for it’s OS.

Consumers, as well as businesses alike, will choose to opt for Cloud services as they provide users with flexibility and convenience in sharing, viewing, and publishing audio, documents, and other visual items via the internet to anywhere around the world given proper credentials are made available to the consumer.

Consumers, more so businesses than individuals, will pursue and benefit the most from using cloud email services as it provides a more practical level of independence and reliability on a unique server to provide and access communications and services for one’s business. Cloud email services can be costly, and should be evaluated prior to anyone considering seriously investing in such a server. They are however, very professional, and commonly will include or allow you to utilize a personalized email address and website. In addition to this, Cloud services and cloud email allow the user(s) more simplicity and cut a lot of costs. When a business or individual utilize a cloud-based email service, they allow themselves to worry and invest less if anything at all into anti-virus protection, commonly avoid email server back up, and will shrink email support time for their services or business. This is very ideal, because when combined provides a very profitable opportunity for business owners serious about modernizing their businesses, and adding security to their transactions and correspondences.

It is worth noting however for those serious about considering utilizing cloud services, servers, and email based components that there are what many might consider to be ‘hidden’ or otherwise “required” costs not otherwise advertised or offered with a lot of packages. For example, maintenance is a cost that the business will have to take responsibility for. This can be very costly, however many businesses find the costs justified, as well as server hosting costs, in the amount of money—as well as manpower—that they save by relying on an externally or third-party controlled and hosted cloud, or cloud email service and server.

While there will always be safety concerns pertaining to internet, business, and personal usage, it’s not impractical to assume that cloud computing services and email providers are most secure than “free” services such as Gmail or Yahoo. Interestingly enough however, you can still utilize Cloud-based services through Gmail for document and image sharing, as well as sign up for a premium account for more space, flexibility, and (account recovery/protection) security. In the end, it is the responsibility of the consumer to do his or her due diligence in determining what is most practical for ones business, safest, and and most profitable in terms of service acquisition and purpose.

There is no doubt that cloud-computing, emailing, and services are going to continue to be a part of modern technology’s future.

Image credit: David Sandonato

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