Tips on Boosting Up Wi-Fi Signal Strength at Home

Tips on Boosting Up Wi-Fi Signal Strength at HomeThere’s no denying the indispensability of Wi-Fi technology when it comes to multitasking regardless of whether you’re at home or in office or travelling. Wi-Fi which stands for wireless fidelity not only offers you the convenience of accomplishing multiple tasks at lightning speeds but also furnishes near unlimited avenues for entertainment. Technologically speaking, Wi-Fi which is simply radio waves belonging to specific frequency bandwidths are prone to interference that impinge on speed and/or coverage ultimately affecting performance. Improving the reception of Wi-Fi signals can go a long way in boosting performance and there are several techniques of enhancing the same.

Placing the Router Appropriately

Just because your router doesn’t look appealing doesn’t justify your keeping it concealed from everybody’s view. If you want to make the most out of Wi-Fi technology, you’ll need to keep it in a place from where it is easily visible and free of all obstructions. In case your workstation is spacious and large, keep it in the centre of the room and at a height that is at a good distance from the ground.

Keeping the Router Free from Interferences

Signals emanating from the router are vulnerable to interfering signals of other digital gadgets or electronic appliances including microwave, washing machine, LED TV, and cordless phone. Interference from other routers placed within a proximal radius of your routing device can also be a big hindrance. This is one of the few yet a major shortcoming or drawback of Wi-Fi technology that can be taken care of by opting for a dual-band routing apparatus. Alternatively, you can consider re-positioning your router so that electromagnetic waves or signals from other contrivances do not come in the way.

Tracking the Suitable Wireless Channel

It goes without saying that everyone wants to capitalize on the Wi-Fi technology nowadays to complete his or her tasks. So you can expect, numerous other routers at work which are within the immediate vicinity of your router eventually causing a signal degradation or downcast. You may or may not be aware that wireless routers can be made to operate on different channels in order to minimize the chances or problem of interference. You can make use of ‘Wi-Fi Analyzer’ or ‘Wi-Fi Stumbler’ for tracking a channel at which your router will be able to operate smoothly without interference from other routers.

Taking Advantage of Advanced Wi-Fi Technologies

Undoubtedly, the superlative of ensuring that you receive broadband signals at lightning speed is to buy state-of-the-art hardware. Go for a Wi-Fi card as well as a wireless router that’ll let you connect to a modernized network with ease.

Providing Foolproof Security

Decoding and hacking the password of the router is child’s play for hackers and cyberpunks. Of course, they’ll be able to decode even a very cryptic password. To be on the safe side, ask your Wi-Fi router vendor for recommendations on enhancing the security of your network

Automating Reboot for Your Router

You might be somebody who’s fed-up with rebooting the router every now and then to keep the same from dropping out. More often than not, the problem is caused due to excessive downloads, overheating or outdated microcode. The issue can be resolved by automatically rebooting the device using a conventional outlet timer.

You’ll surely be able to make good use of your router and make the most out of Wi-Fi technology once you try the above mentioned fine-tunes.

Image credit: Pavel Ignatov

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