The Triumph of Cloud Email

The Triumph of Cloud EmailAs the world moves everything to the cloud, enterprise email solutions are no exception. Tons of companies are moving their email systems from private servers to mass services such as Amazon’s AWS. There are numerous benefits to this and those benefits are growing and greatly outweighing any downsides of cloud-based computing. For one, cloud email removes a lot of technical demands from the company as it is outsourced to professionals who work on those issues 24/7. The lack of server maintenance and internal support means that companies can often save money by doing this as well, freeing up capital for use in the core business.

Cloud-based email also offers much better solutions for disaster recovery.  Internal networks are much more prone to permanent damage or losses than cloud email. This is especially true at the individual level where a private email system may mean that a crashed computer means a loss of all data on that PC, whereas with the cloud it can all still be accessed via another device. Servers that host data on the cloud can easily be backed up on regular intervals with data stored on other servers that can also be accessed through the cloud. Nothing ever gets lost!

And that really leads into the next advantage of cloud email: being able to access anything, anywhere. It does not matter if an employee can’t make it to the office because they can still logon and check their messages regardless of where they are. They can always be in the loop with any teams that they are working on and they will never miss a step, even if they are out of town or have other distractions. This can help improve productivity, especially when utilized with smartphones.

Finally, always being connected means that collaboration can go up as well. Combined with other technology such as video and voice conferencing or real-time document editing truly makes a workplace a beacon of modern technology. Users will always be updated on the latest happenings within any given project so duplication of work is minimized and progress maximized.

Cloud email is a key part of a modern, streamlined workplace. The capital and productivity benefits it offers companies the opportunity to focus on what means most to them and their success. If your workplace is still using local email, it may be time to consider a change to the modern century with a cloud-based solution.

Image credit: Brijith Vijayan

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