IT Support For Small Business

When providing IT support to small business, several questions arises such as, what do we need to do in order t improve the current set up of the customer, will using new hardware provide an evident benefit to the client, and how can IT  saves your resources such as time and money?

IT Support Tampa ~ Lotus notes Support and DevelopmentYou might be asking the same questions and I hope that you will soon realize the answer to these questions. Here are some IT support areas for small business that can help your business.


Firewall provides your business security from possible threats from the web. It also offers some additional functionality such as VPN connectivity and Gate way Antivirus. If you value your company’s data, getting a firewall might be a good idea.

Offsite Spam filtering

Most small businesses encounter a dozen of spam messages every day. Sorting these emails can take up a lot of your employee’s time and make them unproductive. Installing a Spam filter might help you sort out those emails and save you a lot of time and money and allows your workers to be more productive.

Server Operating system

This is one of the most essential parts of any small business. Running an office using independent computers can be hard especially if you need to contact another employee from another department. Having a server makes management centralized and more time can be used in focusing on your business.

Backup Solution

We all know the pain of losing some valuable data that you worked hard for and kept you awake for the whole night. Imagine what would you do if someone broke into your office and stole your stuffs, this includes the computer that has all your ideas and important documents, how would you react on this situation? Keeping your backup on the same site as your office is also not a safe thing to do. You should carry with you the backup if you leave your work site and keep it safe at all times.IT Support Tampa ~ Lotus Notes Development

Antivirus Software

Viruses are the main threat now days since with just a click of a button, it can damage your business not just temporarily but a permanent one. Having a trusted antivirus installed on your office computer prevents this from happening and keeps you files safe. Don’t just go for a cheap antivirus that provides only minimal protection. Investing on antivirus software can be the best decision you have made for your company.

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