What I Want for Christmas and the Cloud

http://www.sys-con.com (2010-12-23) – What I Want for Christmas and the Cloud

— What I want for Christmas 2010:

1. A promise from Gartner that they’ll never mention Cloud again. Please, go screw up other parts of the business, but leave Cloud alone.

2. An admission by Private Cloud vendors that if it’s onsite, unmeasured, and has no illusion of infinite elasticity, it’s not Cloud.

3. A campaign led by Google and Facebook called “Privacy: We’ve Been Wrong All Along.”

4. An unsolicited email from Steve Jobs. It’s OK if it’s mean.And it doesn’t have to be about Cloud.

5. A press release from IBM stating that Lotus Notes will not be marketed henceforth as part of a Cloud Computing solution.

6. No more Trilby hats.

7. For everyone to have a safe and happy holiday, then rededicate themselves in 2011 to bringing the benefits of Cloud Computing to all corners of the world.

4 Replies to “What I Want for Christmas and the Cloud”

  1. I totally agree with you… The main reason the customer/users are unhappy with Notes is either they do not know how to use the features or the partners involved with the customers do not educate the IT managers about the feature functionalities of the product…
    I have recently got engaged with a customer who was briefed by his earlier partner that even if you run Sametime Limited edition you will have to purchase domino licenses…& if you run a traveller server on another server you will need to procure additional server licenses (Domino)…
    Once I briefed the customer about the licensing he has preferred working with me over his existing partner for the last 7 years or so..

    Similarly I have had a number of customer not happy with the product just because they are either not aware or are unable to use the product features….


    1. Piyush, thank you for your comments. I see situations like that almost on a weekly basis. My new clients and especially prospected clients sometimes misled by their current IT vendors in regards to the Lotus software due to a simple lack of knowledge of the Notes technology.

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