Get Certification if You Plan to Resell Lotus Notes

Based on CRN, IBM will require training and certification for resellers of a number of the vendors’ Lotus messaging and collaboration products, channel partners were  told at Lotusphere 2011 conference in Orlando earlier this month.

Great idea IBM! I’m 100% agree that Lotus messaging resellers need to be competent in what they are reselling. This would save a few customers moving off Notes as a messaging platform in 2010. IBM actually lost near 3% of Lotus Notes revenue in 2010. This number might increase in 2011 if IBM would not make significant changes in the marketing and selling practices of the Lotus messaging platform.

Photo credit: IBM

I think IBM has been loosing the battle on the messaging field and of one of the many reasons is the lack of knowledge of how to market and to sell Lotus Notes as a messaging platform.

I have been working as a Lotus Notes and Domino consultant since 1994 and have not seen very many customers being happy with Lotus Notes messaging.  Many customers are on some level unhappy with Notes and would prefer to use Outlook.  The main reason here (I think) is a lack of knowledge of Lotus Notes email features and capabilities.  Somebody should educate a customer of so many useful features of Lotus Notes mail and the reseller should be at the first line.

The certification requirement for Lotus products will be effective May 1. Some of the products such as LotuLive cloud, Lotus Mobile and Symphony will not require certification.

Source: CRN

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