What is LotusLive Cloud?

LotusLive Engage Icon.pngIBM has introduced LotusLive in 2009 and since that has been building its reputation and portfolio. IBM’s LotusLive cloud environment not only competes with Microsoft and Google Cloud  but provides more features in its offerings.

LotusLive is a business networking and collaboration internet-based services hosted by IBM and integrates following services together:

IBM LotusLive Notes service provides Lotus Notes email as a hosted service. The services comes with 25GB mailbox space, Anti-spam and Anti-virus, Instant messaging, Mobile messaging as an optional service.

IBM LotusLive Engage service provides a suite of IBM collaborating services such as Social networking, Project management, Instant meetings, Communities, Extranet collaboration, Online file sharing, Online forms.

IBM LotusLive Symphony service will provide online document, presentation and spreadsheet editing

At Lotusphere 2011 the following pricing has been announced: LotusLive Notes + LotusLive Engage + LotusLive Ttaveler + Symphony for jut $12 per month per seat.

Too many people are asking about how secure LotusLive Cloud environment is. The answer is it’s very secure. IBM has deployed its services with high availability enterprise class data centers, high performance network services and operational capabilities.

Source: wikipedia.org, Lotusphere 2011

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