Should Government Migrate IT to the Cloud?

Do you think our government should migrate IT systems to the cloud? I really don’t think so. I do trust the cloud technology per say but not enough to put the national security in hands of the cloud no matter what company or companies are managing the cloud environment.

When it come to the national security, saving $20 million  or even $20 billion is not a question, on my opinion. The losses might be far greater that any amount the Obama’s government is trying to save for for us.

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Wondering if such a great idea has already come to any other world leaders. Do you think Mr Putin will move Russia’s government IT infrastructure to the cloud any time soon? I am sure you know the answer to this question. Don’t you remember, Russian government is planning to save IT budget by laying off Microsoft and other software companies and utilizing open source platform.

I don’t think it’s a simple question, to go or not to go to the cloud. I think this questions should be debated much more openly and all pros and cons must be considered. After all we are the ones who are still paying for the government IT and salaries to the president and to his CIO.

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