Is Facebook phone a Reality?

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Who would think that there will be a phone with the Facebook-based operating system?

The UK-based INQ company has unveiled the first Facebook phone that has been designed in conjunction with the team behind the popular social network. The INQ phone is based on the Android platform.

INQ has been making phones that are focused on providing a good Facebook experience for years. The first two generations of devices from INQ ran on Qualcomm’s BREW platform. According to INQ, they decided that they had reached the limitations of what BREW could offer and 18 months ago made the decision to switch to Android. This week, INQ was showing off the first of its Android devices.

Perhaps the most interesting introduction of the week came from Gemalto, a Dutch company that unveiled a SIM card with a Facebook application included. This allows phone owners who do not have access to the mobile Internet to sign up for Facebook and update their status messages using the handset’s text-messaging channel.

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