Microsoft Issues Temporary Fix Against Duqu malware

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Microsoft has released a temporary remedy to protect against Duqu malware, the fairly recently discovered malware which somewhat is similar to the extremely harmful Stuxnet worm. Nevertheless, the actual repair just handles the Ms Word aspect of the situation; customers are still going to be susceptible to Duqu malware until they will upgrade their own protection software program.

What is Duqu? Duqu is the malware which has been identified recently by CrySyS, the cryptography and system security laboratory in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Symantec, that examined Duqu samples, has verified CrySyS’ preliminary evaluation that this malware had been most likely created by exactly the same individuals who developed the very harmful Stuxnet worm, which in fact had penetrated Iranian atomic installations.

Duqu is actually mostly a remote access Trojan, it does not self-replicate, but it had been seriously aimed towards a small quantity of agencies because of their certain resources, Symantec has observed.

“We know of multiple companies which have been targeted,” Symantec’s Haley said. “They are suppliers to industrial facilities, and other organizations outside the industrial sector.” ¬†Nonetheless, Haley has declined to mention the target organizations.


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