Can IBM XWork Server Change the World?

Running Lotus Notes Domino on IBM XWork Server

The IBM XWork server is an IBM Lotus Domino 8.5x server with an entirely different license approach, different packaging, and different branding (installer).

If it’s basically the renamed IBM Domino server  then why should small and medium size businesses look into the XWork server solution?

  • First and foremost ,the IBM XWork server is IBM software which means quality and great customer support.
  • Secondary, the IBM XWork server is based on the Lotus Domino technology and therefore Notes and web applications can be easily ported to the server.  Also, rapid application development now can be utilized on the XWork server as it runs any web based applications written in Lotus Notes XPages, LotusScript and @ Functions.
  •  The IBM XWork server license is only around $2,000 per server installation which should make this product attractive for not only medium size but also for small size businesses.
  • The IBM XWorks server licensing permits unlimited web users. The restriction of license is that every XWork Server may have maximum 4 applications installed. Where applications are defined as a grouping of 1 to 4 databases so, an XWork Server set up may have up 16 databases, not including system databases – 4 applications and if you need further than 4 applications, you can get license a 2nd install of the IBM XWork Server.
  • XWorsk server is not tied to email system and don’t require the Lotus Notes email. This should make the server a transparent solution to allow this product to be utilized by companies using different email systems.
I really doubt the IBM XServer can change the world. However,  it may bring a bit more certainty for companies which wanted to leave Domino web application in house and make it affordable for SMB market.
Source: Ed Brill

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