Mobile Outlook Demonstrates Equitable Innovation

Mobile Outlook Demonstrates Equitable InnovationEmail has been the strongest data hub and service provider for professionals, students, and social-bugs alike for decades. While some newer apps on the market both for PC and mobile devices continue to develop—such as Hipchat, Slack, or Trello—people begin to foresee or anticipate that the basic email platform as it develops, will likewise continue to deteriorate. This however, is simply not the case.

Thanks to a new innovation via Outlook for IOS mobile devices, email is becoming more advanced than ever. While many people commonly associate Outlook as a mediocre, ancient software found on old and modern PC’s in which is heavily disorganized and difficult to navigate, this is far from the case for the newest Outlook app available via IOS—and sooner than later Android devices alike.

Users are excited for the Outlook app because it correlates with your other Microsoft and email related applications to further assist you in automatically scheduling appointments via text received-only, forwarding, creating, and deleted contacts as necessary—all the while showing a high-response capability of filtering out unwanted junk mail or otherwise items of low-priority. Even more excitingly, like some famous social apps, deleting or keeping email will be as simple as swiping left to remove, and swiping right for each item.

The platform for Outlook mobile is most practical for email usage on mobile devices, including tablets, because it integrates such a strong combination of previous technology-learned, combining with technology acquired and developed over time via pc technology and application compatibility, capability, and accessibility.

According to statistics, upwards of 50 billion emails continuously are added to the annual sending rate each year, as of 2006, to-date. Without emails, many older as well as the majority of modern businesses otherwise suffer from a strong inability to effectively communicate amongst one another, its personnel, and customers alike. Believe it or not, email continues to be a heavy tool, resource, and element to more effectively advertising a business, products, and client (customer) retention as well.

Most impressively of all, is that the mobile Outlook application (automatically) combines your emails with your current contact list, enabling you to save contacts, make sense of senders, verify recipients before sending, and overall managing your Cloud data, contacts, appointments and more all directly into your email, Outlook, application through direct, meaningful integration.

For anyone serious about better managing their social and work life, Outlook email for mobile devices is hands-down the way to go. As the mobile-application software continues to be developed, upgraded, and advanced, users will be able to more heavily contribute to its interactions with each user in a unique manner. Ultimately, such technology is easily comparable to practically having your very own “personal assistant”, and as such, a technology like this will only continue to grow as technology-based communications demands continue to increase.

Microsoft, unsurprisingly continues to buy out competing mobile email applications as it sees fit, not only to knock out the competition, but also to integrate the total technology dynamics of each unique application; in turn making it nearly the most “ultimate” mobile app, communications, and emailing platform for the future.

Image credit: Nagy-Bagoly Arpad

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