How Reputation Management Can Have an Adverse Impact on Your Business?

How Reputation Management Can Have an Adverse Impact on Your Business?Talking about online reputation management, there are aspects which might be beyond the pale of your understanding or comprehension. Presently, a lot is taking place in the realm of ORM that might not be acceptable or inappropriate, going by commercial ethics or business transparency. To cite an instance of the above, an acquaintance of the author of this blog articulated that her husband had been handed a DUI. In no time, the apprehension along with ugly snaps of the arrest went viral on the web and soon after that there was an email in the inbox of the spouse’s mail account informing her that she’d have to pay a nominal fee of $400 and the service provider would remove the mugshot as well as the text.

Since her business’s reputation or goodwill was at stake, she could not think of any other option than to cough up the fees. Surprisingly and mysteriously enough, the posting reappeared on another similar site and the demand was identical. It slowly dawned on her that she had fallen prey to a vicious cycle of extortion. The blogger has gone on record by mentioning that he had received similar emails that narrated how they were victimized in the name of keeping their online reputation intact.

The blogger was enlightened of several issues that he was hitherto unaware of. He had the impression that these insights will go a long way in helping him to modify or make adjustments in the recommendations he’s been offering to clients in his agency. Following are some of the insights that the author imbibed from the CEO:-

1.Answering emails on sites pertaining to consumer grievances can backfire

The CEO Mr. Richard Ruddie was of the opinion that attempting to respond or reply to all the complaints emails, especially those addressed to the most popular sites will be tantamount to increasing the lifespan of the emails and better their ranking status every time there was a fresh entry. Ultimately, the issues would scale further up the listed result chart.

2.There are more effective ways of redress than responding to customer complaints

Of all the firms that the blogger has offered his recommendations with regards to online reputation management, many have articulated their wish to have numerous happy clients. These customers would on their own take the initiative to confront the issue and reply to negative or off-putting emails surfacing on a consumer complaints report. Companies have also reported entreating customers or clients of doing the bidding on their behalf. However, Ruddie feels that you can allow customers to help you out with anything but as far as banking on them to even out the negative buildup of consumer complaints report was a strict no-no.

3.Existence of specific mugshot portals is legit

There are good and practical reasons for allowing the existence of mugshot portals, especially those that are administered appropriately and along ethical lines, even if the administrators or promoters happen to be mugshot extortionists.  

The blogger had interviewed the CEO of an online reputation management company. Prior to carrying out the telephonic interview, the blog writer had done a thorough research of the firm on the net and came across numerous disparaging items including complaints about RipOffReport and Needless to say, the complaints had not been attended to and the author also stumbled upon a PR regarding a court case. The author’s first poser to the CEO of the online reputation management how it felt to be at the receiving end with complaints going unaddressed and the sarcasm of it all.

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