Why Letting Your Phone Get Hot Is Dangerous

Why Letting Your Phone Get Hot Is Dangerous Given the recent drama surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s catching fire, and other reported incidents of Samsung phones overheating, consumers are asking: “Why?”

The public along with experts are learning, however, as research is widened, that leaving your phone in the car or exposing it to temperatures of 95 Fahrenheit or higher can cause severe damage to your phone. This means, leaving you cell phone or tablet in the car in extreme heat – much like a person or animal – can cause irreversible damage to both its software and hardware.

If you frequently expose your cell phone to extreme heat, it’s only a matter of time before the performance begins to decrease and the battery burns out or dies.

Recently, German inspection agency specialist Tuev Rhineland discovered that even keeping your phone in your (tight) pockets high temperatures can seriously damage your phone – or even cause a fire.

A major problem with exposing your Smartphone or tablet to severe heat is that it can also degrade the integrity of the plastic housing, including its other internal parts. This, however, does not only apply to tablets and mobile devices. Likewise, frequently exposing your laptop to serious heat – or misusing it by resting it on a pillow or other soft surface without proper ventilation can also damage its performance, the life of its battery, or likewise ignite sparks and a fire.

Many people think that as a “laptop”, resting your device literally on your lap, a book or hard surface is acceptable – but this is far from the truth. And, while it’s true that no doubt a laptop will require more ventilation in comparison to a tablet, both need the necessary airflow to prevent overheating and unwanted internal damage.

Finally, as an extra tip, consider investing in a USB laptop fan, and giving your laptop not only the ventilation and cool air it needs, but also prolonging its battery life and overall performance.

Following these simple tips can also help prevent ‘short-circuiting’ which could easily lead to a fire, even when you’re not using the device. This means, abuse, and the exposure of heat to your mobile device even when you’re not home, could wind up causing a fire and devastation to your personal belongings or loved ones.

When shopping for a laptop fan, consider the specific types of cooling methods or system it uses, and conduct the necessary research first, before making a purchase. That is, as many USB laptop fans will run at different fan-speeds, or varies greatly in quality and performance.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to try and use a USB Laptop Fan for your tablet the next time you’ve set it down and decide to watch endless hours of videos and other high-demand performance applications – to prevent serious damage.

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