IBM Forms Strategic new Partnership for Domino

IBMIBM Forms Strategic Partnership with HCL Technologies wants to continue long-term investments in the collaboration space. This is why it’s investing even more money into Lotus Notes in 2018, as well as years to come. Currently they’re trying to show their stakeholders just how committed they are to this by entering into a strategic partnership with the Indian tech company, HCL Technologies.

Introducing HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies isn’t a new company for IBM. They’ve partnered together in 2016 while working on Rational and Tivoli products. Now they’re working together to unveil the Domino 2025 Jam in hopes of getting feedback and suggestions that will help shape their portfolio in the future. They’ll do this by hosting interactive face-to-face workshops throughout the world, as well as user groups and on-demand meetings. All of this will increase their client base and help the companies know what features and updates they want.

Why This Project is Important

Microsoft and Google dominate today’s email market, but HCL dominates the low code application development market. HCL is hoping it can create a platform that would give Microsoft and Google a run for their money. This is important because what Lotus Notes did a decade ago isn’t replicated by any of these products today. However, if this project is to succeed, the ecosystem is the key here.

Important parts of this ecosystem include:
• IBM and HCL need to view each other as business partners, which means that they’re equals. They need to make each other feel like they’re a valuable part of this collaboration by rewarding one another appropriately.
• Both companies need to realize that it’s not enough to design a stand-alone platform, regardless of how good it is or even if it’s the best one on the market today. Unless the software has deep, third-party integration with those business applications that are already in use, the software won’t succeed. There’s simply way too much competition in this regard. As such, the companies can’t overlook what their competitors are already doing.
IBM and HCL must work together to support their developers – both online and in person. Things like example applications, sample codes, documentation, and certification all need to be included here whether the support is in the form of a forum or live event. They also must encompass all sizes – from large, official conferences, to small local and industry centered events. These can’t just be for their developers either. Customers want in on big action instead of feeling like they’re a “final thought.”

What Lotus Notes Will Do

This platform includes some features that other similar platforms don’t have. These are things businesses don’t just find helpful, they find them necessary today. This includes things like instant messaging, cloud availability, and integrating a mail client with a database in the front end.

All of these things make Lotus Notes lighter and easier to use. This is especially true when you want to use its powerful mail and calendar – something hundreds of companies are seamlessly integrating into their company today.

What the Future Holds

As IBM works together with HCL their software won’t just be available to more people, it will also cost less and work faster too. So, while many people are still using Lotus Notes, it does need to catch up with today’s technological needs so that it can dominate again. This is something many people believe it will do in the near future. So, when your business is ready to start using this program and you find yourself in need of help and support, we invite you to contact us at IB Systems USA. We’re there when you need the help the most.

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