8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

Improve Your Email Marketing PerformanceEmail marketing is still an effective tool for selling and promoting products.

However, promoting products and services through mail is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, the strategies used need to be continually improved and refined. But some of them must be refused at all.

We offer you a selection of ideas that can improve the effectiveness of such mails.

1. Write only those who really want it

There passed the times when every incoming message fueled curiosity and opened by the user. Today, increasingly uninteresting mailings are ignored, removed without reading, or even sent to spamming.

To prevent this from happening with your letter, send messages to people who are really interested in your topic. The principle of “better quality, not quantity” works here.

2. Target the target for each letter

You must clearly understand why you send a message. Proceeding from the goal, not only the text itself, but also mailing lists is compiled.

This can be as a separate text with a particular message, or just a selection of fresh and interesting publications on your website.

3. Personalization

It has long been established that those letters, in which the name of the recipient is indicated, work much more efficiently. This is a psychological factor to consider when writing text.

However, do not get carried away – it is enough to indicate only the name and, sometimes, the name of the company. You should not oversaturated the message with a lot of personal information just to show that you know who you are writing to. Such a letter, on the contrary, can frighten the reader.

4. Use a personal email to send

The address from which the mailing is sent must be humanized. Reject the classic “noreply” and create a personalized address. He will not only raise trust, but will also raise interest in the letter.

5. Experiment with sending time

Do not be tied to a particular day of the week. Most likely, that same day was chosen by a huge number of other website. Therefore, the client’s mailbox is simply over-saturated with all sorts of offers.

Do not be afraid to send messages on weekends, for example on Saturday. Statistics show that these letters have rather high response rates.

It’s important to keep track of the recipients’ reactions – so you can determine for themselves which days of the week were as effective as possible.

6. Work with those who volunteered to give you your data

Of course, you can buy a ready-made base for mailings and send messages to unfamiliar addresses. However, this approach is not very effective. Moreover, most of these letters only annoy people, which can cause a negative reputation.

Use the data that users have given you. If a person provided his data, it means that he is interested in your goods or services.

7. Discard passive subscribers

It often happens that a person gives his / her data, but does not read the received letters. This is the so-called “gray mail”, which does not carry any effect.

If a user ignores your emails one by one, it is very likely that he will be interested in the future and will contact you.

8. Do not be afraid when user unsubscribe

Do not worry if a user unsubscribe your mailing from time to time. This is a completely normal and natural process.

However, if refusals began to be permanent, you need to look for mistakes and change tactics.

As you can see, if you already know that email distribution is still used to promote goods and services, in order to avoid errors, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the ideas presented to increase the effectiveness of such letters.

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