First Tablets from Lenovo

I hope that the Lenovo executives has done a very good job analyzing the enterprise tablet market based on pricing this at a range of $1,000. According to PCWorld (2011-01-03), Lenovo will show its first tablets this week as it moves to make a mark in the fast-growing market led by Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

The tablets will be targeted at consumers at multiple price points, said Nick Reynolds, director of global marketing of the product group at Lenovo.

The tablets could include the LePad, which is based on Google’s Android OS and is due for launch early this year.

The company has been designing tablets for more than a year, but no product has yet reached the market. At last year’s CES the company showed the IdeaPad U1, a hybrid PC that included a detachable touchscreen that could be used as a tablet. The device was due to ship in the second half for under $1,000, but the product has been delayed. read more …

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