Do you keep your password secure?

That’s a very good question. Don’t you agree? I came across a very good article about a future of the password in the PCWorld by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols.

“When the popular Website Gawker was hacked into recently, more than a million user IDs and passwords were released. If you were one of the people compromised, that’s annoying — very annoying. Not that it’s a big deal that someone could log into a gossip site under your name. But many of those people used those same IDs and passwords on other sites that are a wee bit more important, such as LinkedIn. Now, that’s a problem.

What should you do about it? Well, I could tell you that you need to use different passwords for different sites; that you need to pick passwords other than that all-time favorite, 123456; and that you should change your passwords every month for every site. I’m not going to, though. It’s all good advice, mind you, but it’s also all pretty darn useless.”

I can not agree more with Steven on this, people at home will never be as organized as needed to make passwords to be secure.  The articles gives a couple of suggestions on how to make the password secure and wat program might be useful to achieve that. read more …

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