IBM Lotus Notes Traveler May Help to Collaborate (2011-01-04) – IBM has unveiled new software that will help employees work smarter on the road, while significantly enhancing the power they have in choosing their own mobile device for work. Brian Sims reports.

The new software will allow employees to collaborate with co-workers inside their organisation and personal contacts outside, all on the Google Android operating system.

IBM Lotus Notes Traveller software for Android is the first ‘native’ enterprise-grade e-mail messaging client for the Android, meaning that software updates are automatic. Native software saves IT managers a significant amount of time and money.

Contact list as it appears in Android Notes
Photo credit: IBM

According to Gartner, by 2014 around 90% of organisations will support corporate applications on the personal devices. The latest Gartner report states: “The trend toward supporting corporate applications on employee-owned notebooks and smart phones is already underway in many organisations, and will become commonplace within four years.”

More than ever, businesses are embracing the model of a mobile enterprise. A late 2010 Nielsen Ratings poll states Android was among the top three most used operating systems on smart phones and “the most desired”. read more …

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