What is the most used web browser?

As of the end of December 2010 according to NetMarketShare.com the most used browsers are as follows:

– Internet Explorer (57.08%), has dropped 4.5% since February 2010

– Firefox (22.81%), has dropped 1.42% since February 2010

– Google Chrome (9.98%), has gained 4.37% since February 2010

– Safari (5.89%), has gained 1.44% since February 2010

– Opera (2.23%), has dropped 0.13% since February 2010

It’s obvious that IE as well as Firefox are slowly loosing its grounds to Google Chrome and Safari. If the redistribution of the power will¬†continue¬†the same way it was going on during the past couple of month the Google Chrome may gain another 5-6% by the middle of 2011 and then 11-12% by the end of 2011.

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