Lotusphere 2011: LotusLive is a Direction Small Business Needs to Follow

The Lotusphere 2011 was closed on 2/3/11 and I am still trying to organize my thoughts on a lot if information presented at the conference.

The first thought that come to my mind is the Lotusphere’s 1 slogan “Go Social. Do Business”. It well defines the latest trend across all industry segments and applies to all size companies.

Products and services that are socially marketed have been outperforming product and services  marketed by the old and conventional methods. Companies that have been taking advantage of the social collaboration strategy are more productive and innovative, they significantly outperform their bigger competitors.

I hope that the IBM’s move in a direction of applying the Social concept to business communications and collaboration will be successful. On my opinion Facebook is a bit behind in  applying its strategy to the Enterprise world as IBM has already delivered the social concepts to the business world.

On my opinion the LotusLive cloud solution is what the small business needs right now.
What it means for a small business?
No need to invest in a software, hardware, backups, antivirus, anti-spam, and email maintenance. All of these will be taken care of by the cloud.  You really will get peace of mind knowing that everything is secured, backed up and is running 24×7.  And on the top of that it will also add some features only large enterprises can afford until know: social networking and collaboration, the world’s first class email and instant messaging, on-line meeting capabilities and Lotus Symphony online. All of these for just around $10 a month per user. You can’t bit that.

PS. Just uploaded a short Kevin Spacey clip from LS 11 at the Opening Session.

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