IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server for LotusLive Has Arrived

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IBM has announced today availability of the IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server for LotusLive.

This is a really great news for Notes and LotusLive community. No more headache with administering your Lotus Domino server, not more headache (I assume) with backups, security and hardware issues. The IBM Cloud will take care of it all.

The only question remains what is the pricing model.

According to IBM  the new license model is based on the Domino Utility Server and allows you, as LotusLive Notes subscribers, to use the included Notes client for access to Notes/Domino applications. That means that instead of paying per-user software subscription to continue to use Notes/Domino applications, regardless of client/browser access method, you can now switch to a server-only based licensing model. Instead of paying for everyone in an organization to continue to use those applications, you can pay for anyone in the organization to use those applications. You are able to more easily evaluate and value your Domino applications in a separate context from the commodity and cost-focused decisions around messaging, and yet retain all the benefit of existing and future investment in building applications on Domino.

I am not 100% convinced that this pricing model will satisfy everybody and especially the small businesses with number of users between 5 and 50. I hoped that this new offering might need to be a bit more flexible  in regards to the pricing structure for small business customers.

BTW, I still can not find the pricing for the main part number D0IG3LL Ed Brill mentioned in his blog today.

[added on 3/30/11] : I called this morning to IBM Business Partner Sales Support (1-800-426-9990) and was not able to obtain any pricing information related to the part number D0IG3LL nor the IBM Lotus Domino Utility server for LotusLive. I also called CDW, an authorized IBM software reseller and they were not able to provide pricing either.

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