What is the Future For BlackBerry?

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Business is getting tougher for Research In Motion (RIM). The departure of the chief marketing officer, Kith Pardy just weeks away from a new product release probably indicates that the company is out of options. Hardy joined RIM in December 2009 and has been responsible for overall BlackBerry brand marketing. RIM has been struggling lately with new product lines and has started losing market share to Apple and Google Android platform devices.
If you like predictions than perhaps Chris Nerney’s prediction might not surprise you. He wrote in today’s PCWorld article “My prediction: After the partnership with Nokia falls apart, Microsoft buys RIM. You read it here first”.
What is the future for BlackBerry if Microsoft acquire RIM? Will BlackBerry devices run on Windows OS as I think it will not run Android OS for sure. I think there is a good possibility Apple or even Google might make a move.
Perhaps rumors about BlackBerry Messenger for Android and BlackBerry Playbook running Android apps is an indication of where the RIM’s future might be.


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