Lotus Notes Platform to Stay at Flexcon

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One Positive News came out this week about IBM Lotus Notes Technology. Based on Computer World, Flexcon (www.flexcon.com/) will keep Lotus Notes technology  in house  as an email platform  after upgrading its Lotus Notes and Domino environment to the current software version.

“We had not done any upgrades in quite a while, and we patched [only] to fix specific problems. There were a lot of upgrades we had not done,” Benjamin, the Flexcon company’s collaboration and tech support leader explains. “We needed to get things up to date.”

“Because it had missed upgrades several upgrades, Flexcon undertook the fixes in steps, first going from Lotus Notes 4.6 to Notes 6.5. Then in 2009, the company upgraded IBM Lotus Notes and its Domino server from Version 6.5 to Version 7. The goal was to finish the upgrade before vendor support for the 6.5 release was cut off in 2010. Finally, in early 2010 Flexcon upgraded its Domino 7 server environment to Notes 8.5. Notes client upgrades were completed last year, and the company is now up to date on all of its Notes releases.”

I guess upgrades are very important and the upgrades might as well be a prescription on how to save some existing Lotus Notes accounts for IBM from moving to Exchange or Google email.

Just want to remind the world that Lotus Notes and Domino technology has been around for a very long time, it is the most secure Email system available, and is the true collaboration Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform ever been around.

You can download the software trial on IBM site

Source: Replacing legacy applications: Four problems solved – Computerworld.

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