Mini-PCs Are Even More Compact And Powerful

Best Mini PCs 2018To date, the market presents a huge number of solutions designed for a variety of purposes. However, the process of miniaturization continues. In the future, mini-PCs will not be the same as ours today. They will be the size of a credit card, and they can be connected to any subject. In this article, we will look at the advanced technology on the market of mini PCs that will lead and continue to lead the revolution in the field of computer technology.

We are already accustomed to the fact that almost always the computer is a bulky and heavy device that stays motionless under the table. Even today, you can still buy or build a PC in the classic Tower Form Factor. However, the market also offers more original and innovative solutions, such as mini PCs. Mini PCs are a full-fledged computer, but in a much more compact package. Such computers are characterized by increased portability without sacrificing power.

Intel NUC

Among the main solutions in the compact PC market are Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing). This mini-PC lineup was developed by Intel Corporation. Devices that are a bit larger than the palm are equipped with all the necessary hardware.

Unlike the previous generation computers, you can easily put Intel NUC mini PCs in the living room and enjoy viewing movies on a 4K TV. In addition, the NUC allows you to free up space on the desktop, as it can be installed on any monitor using the VESA mount.

Intel also created a separate version of the NUC for gamers who need advanced PC features – NUC6i7KYK. This PC features an even more compact form factor, is equipped with an Intel Core i7 6th generation processor and has all the connectivity capabilities, as with a traditional desktop PC.

Intel Compute Stick

Hardware progress is one of the main reasons for the emergence of even more compact solutions, such as Intel Compute Stick. This mini-PC was developed due to the need to expand the existing PC capabilities. The main features of the device are portability, flexibility and simplicity.

Thanks to the Intel Compute Stick, virtually any TV or monitor with HD resolution can easily be turned into a full-fledged computer. All you have to do is connect the mini PCs to the screen and you can immediately work on Windows 10. This PC can be equipped with an Intel Atom processor or an Intel Core M. With built-in USB 3.0 ports, you can connect an optional drive or external wired devices.

Compared to conventional desktop PCs and laptops, the dimensions of this mini-PC are so small that you can carry it even in your pocket. If you need a full-featured, reliable device that you can take with you anywhere and use it for a variety of purposes (from entertainment to training), this mini-PC will be an excellent solution.

Many other computer vendors also decided to create similar devices based on Intel processor technology to provide their customers with the most advanced features.

Intel Compute Card

The result of miniaturization of hardware was not only the reduction of the form factor of the PC to a size that only a few years ago it was difficult to even imagine, but also the creation of a platform for the Internet of things.

It is already quite obvious that Internet things will become the main technology in the field of computing devices of the future, and nobody wants to stay behind this transformation process. That’s why at Intel Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, Intel introduced Compute Card – a compact PC with a slightly larger credit card. The device is equipped with all the main components of a traditional computer: Intel Core processor, RAM, storage subsystem, wireless communication and I / O ports.

The Intel Compute Card should become a complete solution for future intelligent devices. The release of the device is scheduled for mid-2017. This will mark the beginning of a new era in computer technology. PCs will have no more credit card and will be placed in a pocket or wallet, which will always allow them to take them wherever you go.

Computers will become virtually imperceptible

We live at a time when mini PCs are becoming more compact and at the same time provide superior performance that can meet the needs of any user. Now a lot of innovative solutions are being developed that will eliminate the stereotype that a PC is a cumbersome device standing under the table. In the future, we will have even more advanced technology, and the creation of the mini-PC Intel Compute Card has already become an important stage in the continuous development of the market for computer technology.

Image credit: Devan Hsu

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