Why Prefer Tableau To Gain Insights

How the Tableau community is using IT dataIf you haven’t heard about Tableau anytime before, then it’s nothing but a business intelligence and analytics platform. The software company developed the platform with the prime objective of helping business users engage with data, find a solution to problems, and thereby create value. Whether it’s a global conglomerate like Unilever or the Seattle-based eatery, Marination, the platform aids to gain visual insights for business growth which would otherwise be tough with data collated in spreadsheets. Just recently, the platform has become popular because it has been deployed to more than 1000 users. Do scroll ahead to know the different editions and how the platform can help to gain insights.

The Public Edition
Known to be a ‘viz’, the Public edition was developed by the company’s enthusiast, Bevin Olszewski. The sole purpose of designing the platform was to put an end to homelessness faced by people in the United Kingdom. While the ‘viz’ can be used by anyone, they weren’t charged a single penny. On the other hand, a subscription has to be paid for products in case they were used with the cloud or deployed within the premises.

The Desktop Edition
When you need to consider the best among data visualization tools, then Desktop edition could just be appropriate for the business. Since the interface is easy to use, data could be explored within a short span of time. With the help of dashboards and interactive workbooks, the platform enables to unveil insights as questions may arise. In turn, it makes discovery easy through visual patterns.

The Server Edition
Soon after the dashboard is created on the Tableau Desktop, it can easily be published through the server. Sharing dashboards is quite simple when it’s essential to collaborate with stakeholders and seek participation for decision making. After the dashboard is successfully published, data sources can be shared either as extracts or live connections. Interestingly, the server allows the user to connect with more than 100 data sources. SAP Hana, Salesforce.com, MapR’s Converged Data Platform and Marketo are some of the data sources that users can look through. With the server, no one else other than the administrators has the privilege of tracking the content and managing users, and licenses. Besides, the concerned individual can monitor the usage visually and manage permissions associated with data sources.

The Online version
Tableau Online is an analytics platform that’s supported by cloud hosted services. A business owner doesn’t have to spend much because the online version doesn’t require any kind of hardware or server for its maintenance. Rather, the users are delighted to use the version because it can be accessed through a browser or an app installed on their mobile phones. After the dashboard is published, users can work closely with co-workers, customers or business partners to look for opportunities that were not explored before. This is actually possible when the data is presented at both ends and when interactive visualizations are used.

Benefits of using Tableau

Helps to visualize data precisely
According to Doug Henschen, the vice president and analyst of Constellation Research, the platform helps the business to pace ahead in the era of self-service analytics. The software company has observed a phenomenal growth since the past 10 years. As it is used in many industrial segments, the application has enhanced the data-governance and administrative capabilities to a better extent. In fact, this feature has met the requirements of Global 2000 companies.

Gartner analysts have perceived Tableau as an interactive platform which offers an incredible visual-based exploration experience. The users don’t have to learn a programming language because the data can be accessed easily and analyzed thoroughly.

Easy to use
The vice president, Mr. Henschen stated that it’s easy to use Tableau’s calling card. Besides exploring data at a faster rate, dashboards can be created within minutes. Moving ahead, the Gartner analysts said that reference customers have still continued to purchase the product. As far as the usability is concerned, it has grabbed the highest score among numerous vendors.

On a concluding note, the development team is planning to augment to the functionality through machine learning, natural language capabilities, and artificial intelligence. If the developers are able to leverage advanced NLP capabilities, then users would be in a better position to have a long dialog along with getting results based on keyword research.

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