10 Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

10 Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

You create your mailings so that recipients read them and learn more about you, but your letters do not even open? Today we will deal with the reasons why this is so, and how to make your email-mailings effective.

  1. Missing personalization

Mail of your subscribers every day is replenished with dozens of letters of a commercial nature, so you will not see each user clearly. To highlight your letter among others, use personalization.

Referring by name and the presence of a name in the subject of the letter causes confidence in the addressee. Such a letter will be noticed and will want to know its contents.

Congratulations to subscribers with their personal holidays, ask for opinions about your products and your work, give advice on the operation of purchased goods – all this is useful for the reader, respectively, the open rate of such messages is always high.

  1. Not adaptive layout of dispatch

More than half of the received letters are opened and read by the mobile phone. If your letter is incorrectly displayed on the smartphone screen, next time it will not be opened by the subscriber.

  1. Not predictable content

Often people can subscribe to you to just get the promised “bun” – a book, a discount, access to information for registered users.

In addition to the promised bonus, tell already in the first letter that an interesting and informative for yourself the subscriber can find out from your future letters, and also with how often he will receive them. Interest the subscriber to open your next letter.

  1. Wrong topic of the letter

The subject is the first thing that the recipient will learn about your letter. If the subject of the message is empty, it repeats from time to time, is too long or looks like spam (for example, only today and for you!), Then your letter will not only be opened, but sent to spam.

Create a concise and informative subject of the letter, relevant to its content. The optimal number of printed characters in the subject line is 60, refer to this number.

  1. Low value of the content of newsletters

If you promised interesting content, and send only information about your product and discounts on it. Such letters will quickly bore subscribers, and you will lose them.

Share with subscribers announcements, write interesting reviews for them, talk about industry news, and do not try to make every letter sell.

  1. Monotony of the contents of letters

Stability is not the best solution in terms of providing information in your mailing lists. Try to surprise the subscriber, so that it would be interesting for him to open each of your letters – dilute the template with photo reports, posts from social networks and add a touch of humor to your letters.

  1. Complicated usability letters

In addition to adaptive layout, you need to think carefully about the design of the mailing list. Do not try to “put” in the letter links to all sections of your site, add a lot of small pictures and unreadable text.

Stylish, concise and simple – the perfect combination for the correct usability of your mailing.

  1. Standard “dry” letters

Highlight your letter among other template and standard letters – send it on behalf of leading managers. Live communication and dialogue between people establish personal communication and increase the conversion of your mailings.

  1. Irregularity of your newsletters

In the information maelstrom, you can be forgotten very quickly if you do not remind yourself. It is not necessary to spam mail subscribers every day, but one letter once a month will not give a result.

Create your distribution schedule, test the optimal time for your mailing – and stick to the chosen course.

  1. Visible list of all mailing lists

It is very incorrect if the recipient of the letter sees the addresses of all those who received the same letter from your company. To avoid such embarrassments, use email services.

If your letters do not read, then it means that you did not interest your subscribers with content.

Create a mailing list that you yourself would like to receive – and you will succeed!

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