Improve Your Business with the latest Advanced Business Intelligence Tools

Top Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the marketEven though machine learning and Artificial Intelligence might be the trending topic these days, business intelligence(BI) is still a reliable tool for many businesses especially when it comes to decision making. Companies across the world rely on analytics and BI to gain more insights about the market data. Whether you are looking for these great tools or just a quick and easy way to track your business, there are several BI systems you can choose.

Factors to consider

The type of BI platform you select depends on your needs, and there are some few important factors to take into consideration.
There is always no need to have a robust Business intelligence solution if it’s unable to interact with your business data, whether it’s accounting transactions, SQL database or details from the Customer relationship management system.

Nearly all best BI systems support a different array of data sources, and they are unique in the way they gather that information and keep it updated. Besides, the tools provide advanced features including real-time analytics of live data and predictive analytics for determining future trends.

The primary value of a BI system lies in the way the dashboard allows you to visualize the data with accessible formats such as charts, and interact with the same data to break it down into a smaller form. Lastly, one should find out if the application is self-service. How everyday users find it easy to gather and visualize data without the assistance of data scientists.

Popular Business Intelligence Applications


Qlik is among the best BI providers. Qlik Sense is a self-service app that eases everything for everyday business users to analyze, visualize and discover a wide range of data. The company offers more powerful analytics tool, comprehensive Qlik Analytics Platform, and QlikView or enterprises. You can get QlikView and Qlik Sense both as cloud and desktop applications. If you are looking for a personalized version of Qlik, it’s free while the commercial version of Qlik is priced high.


It’s among the original self-service BI applications. Tableau has set the standard as one of the most influential tools that offer various ways to visualize and analyze data formats. Also, it features advanced real-time and predictive analytics. While its interface is quite intuitive, it’s not that easy to learn compared to Power BI.
Tableau is available both as a desktop application for Windows and Mac. Its price is high, but you can be sure of a great BI tool.

Microsoft Power BI

Before the launch of Power Bi, many organizations used Excel to analyze and process data. Until today some organizations still use Excel, Power BI came to life as an Excel add-on before it evolved into a powerful and easy to learn self-service Business Intelligence system.
Power BI offers support to many data formats, but its strengths lie in how it integrates with the Microsoft products like Office 365. Power BI is available for free as a standard version, and the Pro version comes with extra features at an affordable price.

Other Available options

While Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau are the popular BI options in the market, there are other options available too.


IBM released the cloud-based Watson Analytics to its traditional products like Cognos.


Oracle has one of the most powerful data visualizations and business intelligence tools popular with organizations that have Oracle enterprise software.


Besides having a good customer relationship management, Salesforce provides BI tools.


Business organizations that use SAP’s enterprise resource can benefit with the SAP analytics Cloud-based and self-service app.
If you are looking for ways to improve your business, implementing the latest generation of business intelligence systems will help you predict future trends as well as deliver past snapshots of recent performance. Learn more about different ways you can put your business analysis into the hands of everyone by clicking IB Systems USA.

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