6 Distinct Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Cloud Computing

Distinct 6 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Cloud ComputingIf you’re under the impression that only large companies can tap the benefits of cloud computing owing to this internet technology’s expensiveness, then you need to reconsider your thinking. Cloud computing technology has come a long way since the technique was first used in August 2006. This specialized network-oriented computing now gives you access to a variety of functionalities which only the conglomerates could afford in the past.

Nowadays, you just need to have an internet connection to take advantage of cloud networking and take your online business to the next level. For instance, you can exploit cloud computing for creating a backup of all your vital data to managing your CRM, ERP, and ERM modules. You or your business could benefit in the following ways by becoming a part of the cloud network.

Monitoring growth

Resources in the cloud are highly scalable or flexible which gives you the leeway to plan how best to use limited resources at your disposal. Cloud computing allows you to respond accordingly to your needs as and when they arise and spares you from the hassle of having to do guesswork which could prove to be risky. For example, if you need to team up with an outfit or individual for a specific project, you could use the partnership tools and techniques right away without having to plan in advance.

Enhanced collaboration

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is that the technology can be exploited by any device or gadget companionable with the net. This benefit facilitates improved collaboration and teamwork, especially for firms and companies who depend on employees based in far-flung and remote locations. Nearly 66% of micro, small, and medium enterprises can coordinate with their staff situated in distant locations through tasks lists and activity schedules.

For subscribing to cloud service, you do not need to download or install any software program. You simply log in to your web browser for accessing the services. You network with your colleagues via webcasts, video conferencing, and instant messaging. The benefit of sharing vital information with a larger number of stakeholders is that you are able to capitalize on potential business opportunities.

Failsafe data backup

Nobody knows better than you about the significance of your data archived in the hard disks of your computers. But what if your computer hardware malfunctions or is damaged due to some unforeseen disaster? You could end up losing whatever you had backed up without any chance of retrieval. Opting for cloud computing frees you up from the worry of having to lose your data as the same is backed up in a web-based location which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere you like. There are numerous service providers that provide data redundancy facility, enabling your database to be saved in different locations across multiple centers.

Monetary savings

When you sign up for cloud-based services, you enjoy another crucial benefit and that is upfront savings. You are spared from the need to maintain massive servers, upgrade your software apps, and renew their licenses, and so on. You also save money on electricity and using cooling equipment.

Optimum use of resources

Once you subscribe to cloud computing services, you are in a position to make the most of the services almost instantly. So you can devote the better part of your time, resources and efforts towards focusing on your business.

Better use of IT tools and human resources

Since the servers are located in the cloud, you do not have to depend heavily on aged hardware. The service providers of cloud employ dedicated and experienced staff implying that they can solve your issues quickly, thereby giving you an edge over your competitors who are yet to join the cloud.
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