Top 10 Benefits of Switching To Cloud Computing

Top 10 Benefits of Switching To Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is essentially computing over the internet. It is an extension of the concept wherein people used to run programs and applications from another physical server or computer in the same building or premises. The only difference is that you can run those applications using cloud computing from any place in the world now. You would only need internet connectivity and access to the desired cloud server. For a simpler explanation, we can take the example of Facebook. You definitely love to update your status on the move, but have you ever wondered how it gets updated instantly from wherever you are? It is the concept of cloud server that allows you to access your profile, pictures and stay connected from anywhere you have the internet. As per estimates, it is believed that approximately 90% of UK businesses use one or the other cloud computing services.

This leads to a question as for why are these businesses using the concept of cloud computing and why has it been on the rise rapidly? We try to list down top 10 benefits that have contributed towards the increased usage of cloud computing:

  • Flexibility: It goes without saying that cloud-based services add to the aspect of flexibility for businesses. They are available in fluctuating bandwidth and with time a business has the option to scale up the cloud capacity as per the increase or decrease in demand. This aspect of agility offers the businesses to use cloud computing as a real advantage over its competitors.
  • Recover data: Most of the big business houses invest a lot to have a robust disaster recovery mechanism. However, for small businesses, there has been both lack of awareness and funds. Moreover, they do not have the required time or infrastructure. Cloud computing comes to the rescue in such situations. Small businesses now have the option to implement cloud-based backup recovery solutions that not only protects data or saves time but also avoids any form of up-front investments.
  • Automatic updates for software: One of the most amazing features of using cloud computing is the aspect of servicing. The service provider takes care of everything and releases regular software updates for its users. Hence, one need not worry about devoting time to maintain the system themselves.
  • No capital expenditure needed: There is no need to invest in acquiring any form of hardware. It is a pay as you go service and you only pay for the space you use. Other things like setup, management, and protection come as added features with the service.
  • Highly collaborative: Working in teams is a lot easier. Team members having the access to the cloud computing accounts can edit, share or perform collaborated tasks from any place on the planet. They only need an internet connectivity to get access to real-time collaboration.
  • Work Remotely: In the past, for any team to work on a project, it was essential that the team was at a single place. However, with cloud computing in place, this is no longer the scenario. A team needs to connect to the internet and have access to the cloud servers and start working from any place. It is one of the aspects that have resulted in increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • Better control and document management: With cloud computing, the level of document control also gets better. Traditionally employees had to send files to one another as email attachments and could only be worked by a single user at a time. With a lot of edits and several people performing the edits, there were greater chances of messing things up or corrupting the content, titles, or formats. But as all files are stored in a single place, everyone only gets to see a single version of a file. Hence, there is a greater visibility and this facilitates better collaboration. Hence, work can be carried out in a timely manner and in an effective manner.
  • Highly Secured: Data is one of the most expensive assets of any company and losing them may be a disaster for the business. With cloud computing, you get a better degree of security and as it is stored on a cloud server, you need not worry if your machine fails or gets damaged. The data will remain where it has been stored and can only be accessed by people whom you want them to be accessed by.
  • Competitive: Cloud servers are the next step towards introducing enterprise-class technology. It helps a firm remain competitive and allows them to act in a much quicker manner. With the option of paying as per use, small businesses are now able to use the technology and keep up with some real big players.
  • Good for the Environment: Besides the points mentioned above, adopting cloud computing for your business benefits the environment too. Depending on the usage, the server capacity scales up and down to fit the fluctuating needs of the server. Hence, it ensures that you only use the exact amount of energy needed and not leave any kind of oversized footprints. Most of the cloud service providers pledge to offer sustainable solutions that leave minimal impacts on the environment.

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