What Type of Content would Facebook allow You to Post

What Types of Posts Get Shared the Most on FacebookEvery day, people use Facebook to share their stories and connect with their companions. But, when people find a great way to communicate, the company has clarified what people can’t post on the social networking site.

According to the multi-page content guidelines, 7500 content moderators have decided what type of content is acceptable. While it’s obvious that a threat of violence, sexual exploitation, and trademark infringement is banned, the team always regulates the ‘gray area’ posts.
For instance, if you are not happy with a speech, then you are not allowed to post what you actually had felt. But, it’s completely fine if you are making your friends aware of the speech. So, here are the content posing guidelines stated by the social networking site.

Nude pictures of children
We know that people might post nude images online with a good intention. However, such social media posts would be removed by the team because of the potential for abuse. Moreover, removing the images can also avoid the possibilities of letting others use the images.

Facebook also says that once a child becomes a toddler, users would not be allowed to post photos that uncover female nipples.

For example, the team doesn’t allow posting images of female breasts with a close-up of the nipple. But, on the other hand, restrictions haven’t been laid on images of women who are engaged in breastfeeding or those who are showing off post-mastectomy scarring.
The company also advises users not to share content with a squeezed female breast except if it relates to breastfeeding.

Claiming that someone is a liar
According to the guidelines of Facebook, revealing a liar online could be considered as a form of harassment.

The posts that show that the victim is lying or pretending to be involved in an incident aren’t allowed. Action would also be taken if the post has the intention of misleading people about the event because they were paid or were told to act in a smart way.

Confession of crimes
Facebook is not a social networking site on which individuals can post about crimes such as thefts or sexual assault. However, people are allowed to argue on a topic related to the criminal activity. They could either criticize or address in a satirical way.

Seeking to promote drugs
If people are using the social media platform for selling drugs, then it should never be done. The individuals should either state the interest of selling drugs or insist someone to trade the item.
When it comes to promoting guns, then certain companies are allowed to sell firearms. But, in that case, adults who are above 21 years of age are restricted to view the social media post.
Finally, posts would be immediately removed if a person is targeting someone’s vulnerability. It’s also not good to post images that depict injuries, a disease or premature death. According to the guidelines, close-ups of buttocks or visible anus are not allowed on the social media platform. But, it’s completely fine if the image has been edited with the help of a software.

As per the section of violence, if the outcome of an election is beyond the expectations, then Facebook would not allow people to post about violence.

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