The Halcyon Days of Email Marketing is Round the Corner

The Halcyon Days of Email Marketing is Round the CornerThe email as an effective online marketing tool, right from the day, it was incepted has largely remained an underdog as its potential to bring about positive development or changes is underestimated. Online promotion specialists and experts questing for the Next Big Bang in web-based technology will simply need to focus their attention on the PDAs-the smartphone, tab or the desktop where it’s trending-email marketing or simply email. And Matthew Smith is behind the latest strides being made on this (email) front.

As far as Smith is concerned, email is a technological tool that is in a state of perpetual flux and therefore offers unlimited possibilities. Since the last ten years, Smith in association with three other self-acknowledged email marketing nerds has carried out extensive research on every aspect of email, including but not limited to contact forms and navigational ease. Their painstaking labor has paid off as their site offers wealth information centering around almost every facet of email.

Smith is confident that his RGE site will have answers on any question pertaining to electronic mail-Where to find the most effective email templates? How to go about selecting an appropriate service provider? How to use email marketing to the best of my business’s advantage? Smith is strong of the opinion that email is somewhat indispensable for forging ties with customers and building robust commercial relationships with them. Following are some technological trends that could have a lasting impact on customer relations with respect to email marketing.

  1. Email content is continuously evolving

Once you send an electronic mail across, you know that the note will serve its purpose. By that same token, those sending emails to you can sit back and relax on safe in the belief that the dispatches will convey the messages. However, Smith prefers to stay one step further in as much as foreseeing that every time you click on the inbox to open a mail, it’ll have updated itself on its own, contextually speaking. Content will exist organically that’ll get updated and refreshed automatically every time you click to cross-check the text.

  1. Emails will become more interactive and instructive

The essence of email marketing as it stands now is to induce the prospective consumer to log in at a website and thereafter encourage him or her to complete a purchase. Smith believes that emails in the future will spare customers of the need to connect with websites for placing an online order. Presently, almost 68% of those who shop online don’t finish a purchase after placing products in the shopping cart. Retailers have to bear a heavy loss because of this practice of the consumers.

You often get notification emails from an e-commerce portal that keep reminding about an incomplete purchase. But can you envisage of a scenario where you get a mail from that site informing you about a price slash or a promo offer that’ll stimulate you to place an order? Smith is positive about such a possibility becoming a reality sooner or later.

  1. Transmitting messages in real-time will be possible

Smith thinks a time will come when consumers will be receiving text messages on their smartphones while they’re passing by through a storefront or shopping in a departmental store. A range of mobile technologies that tracks your current location including RFID, NFC, and GPS will help businesses offering products and services to send personalized or customized emails based on your previous online shopping trips that’ll be automatically archived.

  1. Capitalizing on stored data

Consumers may not be interested in downloading an app every time they wish to buy a product or hire a service from an outlet or agency. On the other hand, they’d not want to part with their contact numbers on the ground that it’d be too personal. However, almost all shoppers wouldn’t have any problem in sharing their email id. The benefits to be reaped from email marketing holds good not only for retailers but also for nonprofit/social organizations.

Tips on email marketing for smalltime businesses

A small time firm may not have the time, resources or capital to take bold and challenging steps for promoting itself. However, that doesn’t imply that the smalltime business will not be able to make the most of the email marketing. There are specific measures you can take for capitalizing on your email ids database. For instance, instead of trying to do something of everything, just focus on what you excel in. Rather than struggling to be visible on social media platforms, tap on your archived or stored email data.      

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