WordPress is More and More Present on the Web

If you usually pay attention to details, you may have noticed that a lot of nowadays’ websites, including a lot of those which you access daily, are based on the most popular content management platform in the world: WordPress.

The interesting part is that you aren’t the only one to observe this. W3Techs just announced that WP noted a new milestone: 30 percent of the world’s websites are using it. This is the conclusion they reached after crawling the top 10 million websites, as determined by Amazon’s Alexa rating service.

In contrast, the same report reveals that 50.2 percent of the world’s websites don’t actually run a content management system at all. Basically, WordPress has over 60 percent share among websites that opted for a CMS. Therefore, we can talk about a dominance just a few products – in any category, you can think of – can currently claim.

Speaking about dominating competitors, another fact worth mentioning is that WordPress has almost ten times the market share of Joomla, considered to be its closest competitors. Specifically, it accounts for just 3.1 percent share of all websites, as well as 6.3 percent of the CMS-using population.

When it comes to the overall CMS market, open-source solutions are by far the most used. The above-mentioned Joomla shares this characteristic, as well as the next two most-used content management solutions, Drupal and Magento.

Surprisingly, two of the solutions-focused mostly on small businesses, Squarespace and Wix, have just 0.9 and 0.5 percent share among CMS users.
Even though WordPress itself recommends web servers like Apache or NGINX, it can also run on others, hence being so widespread. As for other requirements, it needs MySQL or MariaDB, as well as DB.

The platform’s success can definitely be attributed to its ease of use in the first place, as the setup can be made even by a user without any previous experience, but also the extensibility. Once you get through the menu and the basic functionalities, you shouldn’t have any problems in building your first website on WordPress and customize it according to your preferences. Finally, let’s also mention the plugins, which allow you to add additional features in just a few simple steps.

Until now, it may look like building a website on WordPress is the ultimate solution, but there’s also a big minus we should talk about: both the platform and plugins are regularly revealed to have security worries, being infected with malware.

A lot of progress is done regarding solving this problem and once the security gets improved, we won’t be surprised to see WP accounting more than 30% of the market.
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