This Is Why Upgrading To Microsoft Office 365 Is A Must

This Is Why Upgrading To Microsoft Office 365 Is A MustLately, a lot of organizations are talking about the possibility of making a big step in terms of software an upgrade to Microsoft Office 365, the latest version of the giant’s editing pack. However, a lot of people are scared of change and just the idea of switching from what they have been using for years to something new scares them. But it this case, change can be incredibly good!

The new and improved Office 365 comes with a ton of great features, so we believe that anybody who’s still holding back should be aware of them, in order to stop missing out and press that “upgrade” button already.

Without much further ado, these are five of the most important reasons why you should step up your Office game!

Having everything in one place

Just imagine: a text editor, a spreadsheet manager, a presentation wizard, as well as an email client, alongside a lot of extras, like cloud storage, and many more, under one big umbrella. This is exactly what you’re getting when making the switch to Microsoft Office 365, resulting in seamless user experience.

But this is not everything, as all apps were designed to allow real-time collaboration, which is pretty much the biggest advantage of the upgrade. At least for us!

It’s ready to use in a few minutes

Moving on, we definitely shouldn’t forget about installing the latest Office version locally or even running an online version of any or all the available apps. To achieve this, you need the Active Directory credentials and voila!, you can access your email, contacts, calendar, or if needed, create or edit new documents online.

Microsoft Office 365 has a quick installation process, as everything you need to do is head over to, look for “Install Office Apps” and select your version. In our case, 365. In a matter of seconds, you will get instant access to everything the package contains. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Automatic updates

Forget about the old-fashioned way of updating Office, when you had to install the latest version on each machine in your organization or push it out using management tools like Group Policy, for example.

Dead and gone are these with Office 365, as all updates are downloaded and installed automatically. Just like it’s done on Windows. As a bonus, the system admin can set up all users through a standard or targeted release, depending on the internal policies!

Probably the best support available

Another thing we really like about the latest Office, even though we don’t like using it, but that’s another story, is their stellar support. Everything is managed within the Admin Center, the place where you can send all your requests, directly to Microsoft.

Additionally, users can be added and removed through the Admin Center, the same place where security settings are managed and user reports and stats are checked.

World-class security

Last – but not least – we should take a few moments and remind everybody that Office 365 is 100% safe and secure. After all, it’s backed by a tech giant, right?

Besides spam and malware filtering, the update comes with extra layers of security, preventing data loss, offering multi-factor authentication, as well as advanced protection against threats. Oh, and it’s hosted in the cloud, through Microsoft’s Azure, so the technical staff within your company should worry about any data center maintenance.

Sounds good, we know. If you’re looking forward to proceeding with the update but the lack of time or proper technical knowledge is an issue, the team at IB Systems is the one to call. With over 20 years of experience, they can put your team up to date, allowing them to enjoy the full range of Office 365 features in no time.

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