The Web Development Trends To Watch For In 2020

When it comes to the evolution of technology, we’ve reached a point in which it’s incredibly difficult to predict what’s going to happen next. Everybody wants to be up to date with everything, whether it’s the latest innovations in terms of apps, services, or even frameworks and web development.

The latter, specifically, is expected to go through a radical change in the next year, so we believe it’s a must to take a few moments and talk about the web development trends 2020 has in store for us.

The evolution of bots and AI

The most recent developments in terms of artificial intelligence reached new levels, allowing machines to get even closer to humans. They are now able to perform cognitive functions accurately, not to mention that they can learn, collect and analyze data in impressive times.

Obviously, chatbots are the best example – and the list can continue – which leads us to one conclusion: with the tremendous work put into developing AI, it’s just a matter of time until machines will be able to empathize and show a lot of common sense knowledge.

More progressive web apps

First thing first, we should mention that we’re talking about a web development trend that is expected to dominate the next few years, not just 2020. Why? Well, it’s simple: they load like regular web pages but are packed with way more functionalities, so users simply love them.

No matter your browser of choice, progressive web apps can load faster, as they are built to emphasize webpage content, not to mention that thanks to the way they are built, content snooping and data manipulation can be prevented easily.

Finally, as a bonus, they are truly hassle-free and user-friendly, so they’re one of the top web dev trends to watch!

Mobile-friendliness at all costs

Sure, this can be considered by many a trend of the few past years, but in fact, we’re looking forward to seeing mobile-friendliness close to reaching its peak in 2020.

The idea is simple: mobile-friendly websites provide a friendly user interface for smartphone or tablet users and there’s always room for optimizing, in order to achieve that seamless mobile experience.

Next year, the number of mobile devices users is expected to grow significantly, so offering them a top experience when using them for visiting your website is a must.

Additional security layers

Cybercrime can be considered one of the biggest threats of the moment, reason why we’re expecting web development experts to spend a lot of time trying to prevent it in 2020.

Considering all the advancements made in technology, cybercriminals will constantly be after new ways of finding security loopholes. Therefore, it will remain mandatory for companies to be one step ahead of them and strengthen their security systems and measures.

Single page apps

And last but not least, we should also mention the JavaScript-based web apps performing well across user devices. Or, if you prefer, single-page apps.

In a nutshell, these can increase the performance levels while generating fewer interruptions thanks to reloading pages. They can be made using less well development, as there’s no need for requests to obtain new HTML from servers.

An excellent choice, based on Angular and React frameworks, suitable for anybody who wants to create responsive websites.

2020 will surely be an exciting year for web development and if you want to stay up to date, our recommendation is to consider implementing them as soon as possible.

With more than 20 years of experience in development, the team at IB Systems can be the best partner your business needs for keeping track with all the latest trends.

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